Sci-Fi - Tactical


Opening title for a tactical RPG in which several races are fighting for the control of the universe

Fantasy - Action RPG


Opening title for an action RPG

Roguelike - chiptune


Opening title for an roguelike video game

Crypt of the Necrodancer


Orchestral cover of "The wight to remain" from Danny Baranowsky's OST

Orchestral remake


Recreation of Hans Zimmer's music for demo purpose

Survivor's Light


Music for the Tankat's game. Synthwave, ambiant, djent and more...

Orchestral & Digital 



Demo Reel, inspired by the universe of Nier Automata

Dynamic Loop system

Excerpt of the Dynamic loop layering system devel written fo the game ReanimateMe!



Adaptative loop system written for the game Chromatic

Eastern strategy


Various loops - excerpts of a strategy game with an eastern flavor

Dust Devils


Rock loops - shooting demons in the dust!

As a composer, I have to work on all kind of genre depending on the game needs. It can be Dominican merengue or a Japanese taiko ensemble. It is one of the most interesting part of my job. Here are a few exemples.