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© 2019 by Kristaoss Boltansky.

Every music I compose and sounds I designed is created to react to specific game mechanics. Because each game is unique, I like to find the functionnal mechanisms that are just the ones your game need to improve player's immersion and participates to a better overall experience.

Integration tools I use are mainly Wwise, Unity and Unreal blueprints

Interactive music basic principles explained

Dynamic montage core ideas

Dynamic sound design is a very interesting field of creation. There is so many possibilities. Here is just some core paradigms.

We have to consider that any shaped sound object can be divided along time. This is know as a composed object. Considering this, we can separate an audio phenomenum in different sections.

Following the same idea, we can understand that any sound object can be divided through layer (by register, by material, by spatiality...

In order to make a lot with not musch, we develop all kind of strategies. Using simple tools like the basic containers in Wwise can lead to achieve 20000 variations of the same sonic event using only 27 sound elements.

This is just the visible part of the iceberg ;-)